Favorite Tokyo Restaurants

Astral Lamp-Light dining and bar. Small bar with many tables and places to sit besides the bar. Lots of windows too. Location is in the center of Shibuya near Tokyu Hands.
tel: 03-5458-5055

Maduro-This bar/lounge inside the Grand Hyatt in Roppongi Hills is a great place to go and relax. The interior and decor is the main reason to visit this lounge. A jazz quartet is usually playing and the drink menu is extensive with lots of different bourbons. I went here a few times when I was in Tokyo and each time it was a fun hang. The service is consistently the stellar.
tel: 03-4333-8783

Le Bilboquet-Located off the beaten path in Akasaka this little restaurant is a good place to grab a small bite. The atmosphere is nice and airy. The front of the restaurant was open to the sidewalk which gave it that NYC summer feel.
no website
tel: 03-3585-3070

Bar Bourbon Street-Someone recommended this restaurant to me, however I never made a visit. I wanted to put it on this list because it is said to be an excellent New Orleans style restaurant. The owner came to Tokyo from New Orleans to start this place and he has built up a good reputation. Located near Roppongi crossing. I hear it is a bit pricey too.
no website
tel: 03-5786-2887

Xex-This Daikanyama restaurant/bar is a classy establishment. It is a place to watch some live lounge music, have some sushi and sip on some champagne. Really fun romantic setting. Outside seating too. There are multiple locations so ask about that if you call.
tel: 03-5777-0065

Rojak-I visited this restaurant in Roppongi Hills with Sugiko and loved it. I went here on my last night in Tokyo too with her and my brother. The food was excellent and the service was just as good. The “recommended” wine selection was very helpful and VERY good. The food is a mixture of Thai, a little Italian and a little Japanese although they advertise themselves as organic Asian food. I’ve had good fish, seafood and curry at this restaurant. The firhttp://www.blogger.com/img/gl.link.gifst time I was there we sat outside and looked over the gardens that are in Roppongi Hills. Really cool atmosphere.
tel: 03-5770-5831

Velours-I went to this trendy lounge in Minamiaoyama and had a grhttp://www.blogger.com/img/gl.link.gifeat time one night. Good mix crowd too. Fun place to hang out for a few hours and the interior design is cool too. See the above pictures.
tel: 03-5778-6151

Tofuro-I went to this Izakaya restaurant in Akasaka with some of the guys in the band one night for a quick bite. We ended up ordering a ton of food because it was so damn good. This place is supposed to have really good tofu but it was a bit to rubbery for me. Everything else from the soba to grilled fish was excellent though.
tel: 03-3583-2242

Xen-This restaurant located in Roppongi Hills is an good place to have dinner if you are already in the Roppongi Hills shopping area. I wouldn’t make a trip just to go here but it wasn’t bad. The atmosphere is ok but not my favorite. Check it out if you are already nearby.
tel: 03-5413-9577

Buri-I found this Izakaya place in the heart of Akasaka and went here with some of the guys in band. We had a great time and the food was surprisingly good for just picking a restaurant out of a hat. Lots of grilled fish..hence the name…and vegetables. The sake list was one of the most extensive that I’ve seen. All sorts of good things to sample at this restaurant. One of the coolest things is that the kitchen is in open view for the guests to see their food being prepared. Highly recommended. See the above picutre.
no website
tel: 03-3560-6322

Mai-Thai-A little Thai restaurant in one of my favorite neighborhoods, Ebisu. When I say little I mean little. The place is a bit cramped but the food makes up for it. Right up there with other Thai restaurants I’ve been to in Tokyo. Ebisu if full of EXCELLENT restaurants and this is one of them.
no website
tel: 03-3280-1155

a Cave-Some of my favorite food that I’ve had in Japan is Okinawan food. This restaurant has two locations. I went to the one in Azabu Jyuban but there is another one in Roppongi Hills. Out of the three Okinawan places I’ve been to, this is number two. Sugiko is from Okinawa; she recommended this place since her no. 1 place was full that night. A Cave is underground and small but not at all crowded. The tables are well spaced and the interior is well done. We had about a 20 minute wait for a table and while we were waiting the host gave us each a drink on the house just to be nice. That puts this place over the top for me. With service like that you know your meal is going to be good. Highly recommended.
no website
tel: 03-5575-3260

Coriander-Located on the edge of Roppongi and Nishi-Azabu near Gonpachi this somewhat trendy Thai restaurant serves up some interesting food. They are all about presentation here although the food does not suffer at all. It was excellent. Plus its in a good area too with lots of other little bars and clubs to go to afterwards. Their specialty is a lightly deep-fried (if that is possible) rice thing that you dip in a peanut sauce. Really good appetizer. There was also a long list of daily specials to choose from…makes me feel like I’m eating something fresh.
…they need to redo this website…all flash days are over.http://www.blogger.com/img/gl.link.gif
tel: 03-3475-5720

Tenement-I went to this bar with the whole band early on in my trip. Its a cool place to have some drinks and hang.
tel: 03-3440-6771

Gonpachi-Everyone knows this place in Nishi-Aazabu. Fun place to go to check out the scene. The interior design alone is worth the visit. The food is really good too. Tons to choose from. The tofu, black cod, yakitori, and grilled fish were all awsome. This place is far from intimate…big, loud space. However, you can reserve a private booth on the second floor if you want. On my first visit, I was there with a large group so we sat on the second floor at a big table. Really fun time but as I’ve visited other restaurants in Tokyo I can think of better places. If you haven’t been, check it out. Oh and there is a sushi bar on the top floor above the restaurant.
tel: 03-5771-0170

L Vino-This restaurant/wine bar is located in the center of Roppongi. Really tiny place with only four tables. The food looks awsome and the wine list is huge with wines from all over the world. I’ve been back a few times with friends just to sample the wine. The service is top-notch too which makes the experience so much better.
tel: 03-5771-243

Douraku-In the center of Shibuya on the 9th floor with a great view. This restaurant is all about crab. You can order a la carte but we all ordered the sets which was the way to go. Two hour meal with course after course of kani.
tel: 03-3572-0006

Yabaton-Went to this tonkatsu joint in Nagoya while we playing there. Nagoya is known for its good tonkatsu and this place served it up well. I love this stuff. I even bought some the Tokatsu sauce that they make in house at Yabaton. There are multiple locations to be sure to ask.
tel: 052-252-8810

YM Bar-The lounge in Aoyama is a really nice after place to throw a birthday party or just hang out at. Large, classy space with multiple bars and seating areas. Lots of whisky/bourbon choices. One of the nicer places I’ve been in Roppongi.
tel: 03-5474-3399

Rakuya-I couldn’t tell you exactly what neighborhood this place is in but it is near Shibuya or Ebisu. I went here to see some live music one night. I didn’t eat but my friend did and it looked good. If you want to see some live music in a nice atmosphere check this place out.
tel: 03-3714-2607

Tsunahachi-Okay, this Shinjuku tempura restaurant is a must. You have to check this place out. The best tempura I’ve had and the vibe is great. We sat at the tempura bar as we watched our food being cooked and served up to us. Such a fun experience. It was the first time I’ve had a proper tempura meal. You can order different sets depending on how hungry you are. I recommend to go for the biggest set; you’ll get to have everything. I can’t wait to go back. Very Highly Recommended. Just amazing!
tel: 03-3352-1012

Tetsuya Noodles-When the tour was in Sapporo I went here to have ramen It is supposedly a famous little joint and I can tell you that it is my favorite ramen in Japan. Sapporo ramen is a little bit more rich than other ramens. REALLY tiny place which adds to the vibe. http://www.blogger.com/img/gl.link.gif If you make it to Sapporo, visit this place. See the above picture.
no website
tel: 011-563-0005 there are multiple locations so be sure to ask about that.

Kurobutaya-I went to this shabu-shabu establishment in Ebisu on the recommendation of the concierge at my hotel. We had a lot of fun eating here. Vegetables and pork were fresh. Shochu was cold. Atmosphere was fun. Highly recommended. See the above picture.
tel: 03-5793-3585

Bar InfoCurious-Bar in Azabu that has live music and dart boards. Fun place to hang out. Great service and staff. Classy neighborhood vibe.
tel: 03-5439-9337

Il Buttero-WOW! This place is a must. Make it to Buttero sometime soon. Large Italian restaurant in Hiroo. I was recommended this place by a couple of the guys in the band. I went here with my brother and Sugiko and we had an awsome time. I had swordfish, Sugiko and Dan had pasta, we had some caprese and an Italian meat and cheese plate and it was all some of the best Italian that I’ve ever had…better than many of the places in NYC.
no website
tel: 03-3445-9545

Matsugen-One of my last good meals in Tokyo. This is a well known soba restaurant that was recommended to us. We sat in a private room that was nice and quiet. The service was very good and the food was just amazing. The soba, hamo (summer fish from Kyoto), grilled mushrooms, sashimi made it a meal to remember.
tel: 03-3444-8666

Erawan-Thai joint in Roppongi with a cool view. The food was fun and the vibe was okay but I would rather go to Mai Thai in Ebisu. But if you want to stay in Roppongi check this place out. Although, they charge a cover…in a bar that’s okay but in a restaurant…I don’t think that necessary. There are two locations so be sure to ask about that if you call.
tel: 03-3404-5741

La Tida Terrace-Saving the best for last. This is my favorite place in Tokyo. It is an Okinawan restaurant in Ebisu. I went here once with Sugiko, and a second time with her and my brother. Everything about this place is the BEST. Service, food everything. The menu has so many great things on it (not sure if they have an English menu) and some rare shochu (Awanami) that you can’t find anywhere else. Small place where, depending on where you sit, you can see your food being cooked. Try the miso pork and Awanami shochu. I’m have some Awanami shipped to the US it was so good. Make reservations; it is always booked up.
tel: 03-3441-1961

Favorite Soba place-I don’t know the name of this Ebisu restaurant but it was my favorite soba I had in Tokyo. Small place with community style seating which is fun. Try the soba ice cream and warabi mochi with kinako for dessert. Call for name and directions.
tel: 03-3449-8498

Chobo Chobo-Check this place out near Roppongi crossing. Little underground restaurant and bar with the best food. And they serve food really late which is nice. I don’t have contact info. You’ll have to look it up. If you go to Roppongi crossing, and walk down the street towards Akasaka, on the opposite side of the street that Roppongi Hills is on, you will pass it on your left. It is hidden so look out.

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