Music Making Teams

Good teams are part of any successful band or artist’s career. The Beatles teamed up with George Martin, The Beastie Boys teamed up with Rick Rubin, Radiohead works closely with Nigel Godrich. The list goes on. Artists and bands who have close relationships with the engineers and producers of their work have an edge against those who don’t.

One part of the team can’t do it alone. The artist can’t do what they do best without the producer and the producer can’t do what he or she does best without the engineer. This is important stuff to keep in mind today when people tend have the music chairs approach to working relationships.

When a label is looking at up and coming artists and bands I think it is important for them to look at the team. We need to be thinking long term today. We need to be thinking about building artists’ careers. The only way we’re going to make that happen is if we invest in not only the artist’s skills but also the team the artist has around them. That team is what is going to ultimately build an artist’s career. These relationships aren’t built overnight but when it comes together the results are careers I mentioned at the beginning of this.

History tells us that solid music making teams enjoy longevity and success.