Seven Weeks

If you don’t already know I embarked on a new direction and chapter in my life seven weeks ago. I started in the MBA program at Pepperdine University in California. I just finished my last final for the first session a couple hours ago and now I’m thinking about all that has happened, people I’ve met, conversations I’ve had and or course all that I’ve learned.

Looking back on it, the amount of content that we in the program have learned in these seven weeks is hard to believe. The greatest thing about it is the application. Thinking about all the topics covered within the context of music and the music industry is enlightening and inspiring. Coming from a creative background in the music business to an MBA program is like worlds colliding. But by mashing those two worlds up, a lot of new ideas, realizations, discoveries and thinking about my business occurs.

With what is happening in the world, it is indeed an interesting time to be in business school.

Here are some recent posts I thought were good. Fabrice Grinda on what to do now. Mark Cuban on investing in companies and creating vs. financial engineering. Lucas Gonze on audio formats and his comments / discussion on netlabels. And, Brad Feld‘s advice.

What *else* have I been up to?

ArtistDish is going to do a new podcast this week. I’ll post here when it is available.
Spent a few days with my classmates in Calamigos
Went to see Beck and MGMT
Went to Digital Music Forum West