Relationships with Fans = …

I read this and had to post it up here because it’s something I’ve been thinking a lot about lately. I’ve noticed it happening in other industries; not just in music. In this case we’re talking about the lengthening of the connection between artist and fan and how this corresponds to A LOT of music being played.

From a Bob Lefsetz post talking about how things were and how they are today:

After a label sold a CD, it didn’t care if the buyer played it. The label didn’t care if the buyer threw the damn thing away. But in the future, it’s going to matter exactly how many times someone plays your tracks. THAT’S how you’re going to get paid! It’s not about a good come-on, it’s about ultimate delivery!

This is so true. As we move into a world where the connection between a listener and the band or artist becomes closer and more influential on the purchaser’s part, it opens up opportunities to get creative with that relationship.

…looking forward to all of this.