It All Comes Down to the Offer

Coupon offers and hyper local marketing are a hot thing right now. With Facebook launching its Deals program and Groupon being courted by Google for a ton of dough, timely deals delivered to customers at the right time is the new hotness. And rightly so, there is a lot of room for innovation in the area and with Groupon’s revenue numbers to back it up it seems as though this is a great market to be involved in.

I think about how all of this is going to play out and what opportunities are going to come from these companies opening up the mobile coupon market. With Facebook Deals a business is able to create a “deal” or offering using four different models or templates, if you will. Groupon approaches deals in the same manner really; there is one select type of deal and it’s typically 50% off on a particular product or service.

It makes sense that deals be this simple and similar across the board but as the market for highly distributed and social deals grows we’re going to see more variation in offer types and templates, in the case of Facebook.